Thank You

Success is never a singular feat and is shared among the people and voices that lent their time, dedication, and support. We have a lot of people to thank, all of whom have helped in ways big and small to make this massive project move forward with love and positivity.

Founder's Circle

Suzanne Deal Booth


Jim Butler and Lynn Whitten
Shea Little and Jana Swec
Keith and Evangelina Kreeger
Daryl Kunik
Lauren and Tommy Moorman
Desmond Ng and Donald Mason
Steve Redman
Ariel Saldivar
Joel and Elisa Sumner
Terri Thomas and Randy Potts

Back Seat Driver

Nicole Blair
Jereann H. Chaney
Mary Morse
Susan and Richard Marcus
Brad and Amanda Nelsen
Judy and Scott Nyquist


Shaleiah Fox and Reid Drapp
Ann S. Graham
Steven Maddox
Patricia Molina
Diana Phillips
Pat Snow

Special Thanks

Charles Adams
David Alcantar
Carlos Aleman
Maisie Alford
Kelly Allison
Joe Arredondo
Rabea Ballin
Nick Barbee
Julia Barbosa Landois
Dan Barry
Terry and Paul Bell
Ron Berry
Christopher Blay
Dianna Bluntzer
Jennifer Cahn
Rachel Cook
Laura Copelin
Linda Cullum
Linda Darke
Jeff Dell
Tanya Diaz
JD DiFabbio
Kerry Doyle
Wendy Earle
Philana Oliphant and James Pace
Heyd Fontenot
Samantha Isabel Garcia
Dorothy and David Garza
Sean Gaulager
Sue Graze
Anjali Gupta
Margo Handwerker
Alecia Harris
Nina Hasselle
Shane Heinemeier and Alison Ward
Michael Henderson
Brian Jones and Brian Scott
Patrick Kelly
Dan Lackey
Lauren MacKnight
Rebecca Marino
Jesse Meraz
Dennis Nance
Cruz Ortiz
Jessica Phillips
Darryl Ratcliff
Jackie Resendez
Jon Revett and Abby Palmer
Arelí Rocha
Rachel Rogerson
Jordan Roth
Rosie Santos
Eric Schnell
William Serradet
Lucia Simek
Alison Starr
Kathleen Brady Stimpert
Peter Svarzbein
Keer Tanchuk and Greg Sunmark
Sally Tetzlaff
The Midland Map Company
Chris Tomlinson and Shalini Ramanathan
Paul Valadez
Ken Villalovos
Megan Wells
Derrick White
Jon Whitfill
Ashlee Winters
Betty Moody Winters and Nathan Winters